Show off your cured and smoked meats with this wild blueberry mostarda.

People are opening up to the culinary art of charcuterie. Maybe this is a result of great marketing on the chefs part, because recent interest has built a demand and usage for the tricky, tough, trim bits. Local food chefs are now able to source larger cuts and whole animals from local producers, taking premium cuts for the plated feature and looking to traditional recipes and family secrets in putting the less promoted cuts and scraps to good use. Move over liverwurst, hello Charcuterie.

On thing that these aged, smoked, dried and cured preparations all have one thing in common, salt. These meats are preserved in part with salt in order to make full use of the harvest and be put up for less productive times of the year. Because of the salt, tangy, spicy and sweet condiments shine bright as they compliment the deluxe sandwich or a “Cadillac” meat board.

Here is an easy recipe that uses wild blueberries and mustard from a jar.  I worked this one out to wow tastebuds at the charcuterie plate or platter. If you have any left over spread for your next burger, late night sandwich or use as glaze for your favorite roast.  I hope that you experiment with ratios on these ingredients to find a mixture that suits your preferred flavour profile and consistency. Enjoy!


Wild Blueberry Mostarda

30 ml (2 tablespoons) Prepared Wild Mustard

30 ml (2 tablespoons) Wild Blueberry Compote

15 ml ( 1 tablespoon) Aged Balsamic


Combine ingredients in a bowl, stirring with a fork until well mixed. Serve with toasted bread along with your favourite patés, terrines smoked meats and fish. Perfect for garnishing rilletes and confits served on platters, as hors d’oeuvres, appetizers or main course.